My Story

Grew up in Arkansas
Went to Michigan State
Joined the debate team
Studied political philosophy
Secured a Capitol Hill internship
It was pretty boring
Discovered Paul Graham essays
Learned to design and code websites
Built an app with some friends
Started a tech meetup
Graduated from Michigan State
Joined Olark as a designer
Moved to Palo Alto
Lived in the Olark house
Spent a lot of time coding
Moved to San Francisco
Fell in love with a girl
Left Olark
Started a startup
First idea was a flop
Second idea got some attention
Got an email from a guy named Brad
Joined forces with General Assembly!
Started working on Dash
Built a team
Launched Dash!
Got a really nice response
Started working on internal community apps at GA
Built Product Hunt with my friend Ryan
Traffic just kept growing
Moved to New York
Product Hunt became a real company I decided to step back.
Built a fun little app called Ritual

That's it, so far

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